Unity is unapologetically inclusive

Unity’s Statement of Inclusivity

Unity of Walnut Creek embraces the diversity of the world as a gift.

Affirming each person as a unique expression of the Divine, Unity holds that all people are created with sacred worth.

Unity welcomes all souls joyfully. We celebrate your complexity and quirks, talents and limitations, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, size, age, theological and political conviction, education, economic status, physical and mental ability, your humanity and your divinity.

Unity invites all to join in the collective faith journey toward greater love, understanding and mutual respect.

Diverse Interest Groups

A dynamic array of diverse interest groups play a role at Unity, including those that are social, environmental, healing, creative, consciousness-raising – and fun!

Accessibility Features

Among the accessibility features at Unity are an elevator to the second floor classrooms; hearing assist technology in the Sanctuary; mobility accessible and gender inclusive bathrooms; online options for some services, groups, meetings; and classes including closed captioning in some cases.

Social Justice: A Spiritual Approach

Unity of Walnut Creek stands in solidarity with those who are evolving a consciousness that affirms social equality, justice, and dignity for all human beings. In a spiritual context, Unity embodies an ethos of inclusion that is well-expressed by African-American mystic, minister and author Howard Thurman, who said: “Jesus rests his case for the ultimate significance of life on the love ethic, … having as its purpose the maintenance and furtherance of life at its highest level.”

Unity’s primary work is spiritual – to bring “life at its highest level” into everyday living, and in that context will continue to offer study groups and workshops on raising consciousness around particular issues of justice.

Unity also offers a place of sanctuary for activists where they can be spiritually refilled and supported.


“We All Belong” – Bay Area Interfaith Message

As members of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, Unity promotes harmony and peace within our wider community. Please watch these Bay Area Interfaith Public Service Announcements and pray for peace, harmony, and the transformation of minds to uphold the Golden Rule we all share.


As a spiritually conscious community, Unity of Walnut Creek believes that all people are created with inherent sacred worth – no one exists outside of the Divine. This is a place where you are not only welcomed in your gender expression, you are celebrated for the authentic soul that makes you, you.

Across the movement, Unity Worldwide Ministries welcomes LGBTQIA+ members and visitors in its centers and happily ordains LGBTQIA+ ministers such as our very own Rev. Kristin Powell. Rev. Kristin’s wife Brenlee is an engaged member and volunteer at Unity as are many other members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Visit LGBTQIA+ Spiritual Resource Center

Watch the short videos below to hear what various Unity Ministers say about their LGBTQIA+ identity: