Five Principles paintings by Elena Doronkina


Unity is a positive path for spiritual living.

If you are seeking an accepting community to support your spiritual walk, looking for an alternative to your childhood religion, or yearning for a deeper connection to Spirit, come and experience Unity of Walnut Creek. You can be empowered here to awaken your Divine essence, unleash your true potential, and live your life fully, abundantly and joyfully.

At Unity you will find heart-centered connection, insightful understanding, and embodied knowing all in one sacred space. Prosper, heal, discover your unique purpose, and expand your spiritual consciousness.

Unity’s teachings are offered as an inspiration for your journey rather than a dogma to accept.

Five Principles paintings by Elena Doronkina

Unity’s Vision, Mission and Core Values

The Unity community holds a vision for the world, a mission to guide us in all we do and centers on the expression of our four core values.

We envision a spiritually awakened world where all life thrives in conscious Oneness.

We are a loving, inclusive community, expanding and living our Divinity, in sacred service for all.

Unity provides transformative experiences to empower individuals with spiritual principles that support them in realizing their Divinity, living their best lives, and serving others.

Core Values
Together, we work to embody these four core values in our relationships with ourselves, with others, with the Earth, and with the Divine.

Love is our essence. It is often experienced as compassion, harmony, generosity and wholeness. As Divine Love expresses through us and as us, we increase our capacity to give and receive love.

Connection is a pathway to Oneness. We are whole in body, mind, and spirit. All people, all living beings, the Earth and cosmos are one with the Divine. We welcome diverse expressions of Life to come together, share a sense of belonging, and remind one another of our Oneness.

Service is Love in action. We share our gifts with joy, gratitude, and compassion. We are attuned to our world and co-create a planet of equality, kindness and wholeness.

Wisdom is Divine knowing. We open to God’s guidance through prayer and meditation, and act from Divine inspiration and integrity. Together, we listen, share, and grow in understanding. We honor the wisdom in all spiritual paths and use the Five Basic Unity Principles mentioned below – God Is, I AM, Co-Create, Pray & Meditate, Live it!

Healing and Prosperity Teachings

The spiritual ability to heal and prosper are core teachings of Unity.

Myrtle and Charles Fillmore

First Myrtle and then Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founders, healed themselves in the 1880’s of serious physical ailments and powered through the depression to create a viable spiritual movement.

Along with the affirmative prayer and meditation approaches the Fillmores used, activating the 12 Power centers within each of us (Faith, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Zeal, Power, Love, Order, Wisdom, Strength, Release, and Life), are means to assist us in experiencing wholeness and abundance.

Today, Unity includes some 600 spiritual communities (Unity Worldwide Ministries), the world’s largest international prayer ministry (Silent Unity), the publications Daily Word and Unity Magazine, a spiritual educational institute, and retreats on the grounds of Unity Village, near Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition, Unity offers the following extensive resources of online texts and metaphysical Bible interpretation.

The Five Basic Unity Principles:


There is one Presence and Power in the universe, which we call God and which is known by many names. God is Absolute Good and everywhere present


Human beings are Divine in essence. We are all unique expressions of God, created with sacred worth. This is true for ALL people, no exceptions! We are one with each other and all forms of Life.


We co-create our experiences in life by the power of what we choose to think, feel and believe. When we choose life-affirming thoughts, words and actions, we experience a more fulfilling and abundant life.


Affirmative prayer and meditation are key spiritual practices. By affirming truth and sitting in silence we can experience greater peace, wisdom, prosperity and healing.


Action counts. It’s not enough to simply know these principles, we take action by applying and demonstrating them in our daily lives.