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So You Thought Inclusivity was diversity? Think again!

At a time when diversity makes us comfortable, can we take the next step and go on a quest to inclusivity?

Scientists have made it very clear that some dividing markers, like race, are not biological constructs, but are socially constructed divisions that inappropriately define and separate us. As we have become more comfortable with diversity, can we dig deeper to unpack what it means to be truly, and sometimes uncomfortably inclusive?

How can we be inclusive in an environment that may be wholly different from another’s? In this day of AI, is there such a thing as ‘Artificial Inclusion’? Can we place our feet in the shoes of someone unlike us, before they enter our doors? This workshop will allow us to examine our perceptions of others, and how we can widen our lens, examine our own statement of inclusivity and how we can lay a foundation for inclusivity before someone enters.

This workshop will provide a safe space to share your feelings, see life through the lens of others, discuss, and look at what a truly inclusive Unity community would look and feel like.


When: Sunday, July 21, 2024 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Where: Unity of Walnut Creek’s Sanctuary

Cost:  Love Offering with a suggested donation of $25


About Your Instructor:  

Dr. Cindy Acker (she/her) is a six-time award winner in areas of social justice. An international keynote speaker, choir director and playwright, her play Words That Made the Difference: Brown v Board of Education has been touring around the U.S. She is the author of the book: The Path Beyond Diversity, a book for educators (especially those in states with social justice restrictions), and she heads the Social Justice Task Force for the International Montessori Council.

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