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Some people respond to the bad news of ecological destruction by denial; others by despair.

In fact, crisis is the mother of invention, and facing our extinction as a species and that of millions of other species can be a Gift, a Wake-Up Call, a moment of metanoia, change of consciousness, that awakens us to an authentic step forward in our evolution as a species.

It can move us from war against one another and Mother Earth to a new version of homo sapiens that puts our genius to work toward common survival based on our deepest spiritual powers of compassion and creativity.

Isn’t it time to take that leap?

When: Sunday, April 21, 2024 from 1:30pm-3:00pm

Cost: $25

Reserve your seat in the Unity bookstore or by clicking HERE

About Your Instructor:

Dr. Matthew Fox is cutting-edge theologian and Episcopal priest with the soul of a mystic, a deep heart for sacred earth, and the spirit of an activist. His theology aligns well with Unity. He has authored over 40 books and is the founder of Creation Spirituality, a mystery school and spiritual curriculum for Divine humanity.

He conducts dozens of workshops each year, founded the University of Creation Spirituality, located in Oakland for many years, and most recently has been working with young people to reinvent forms of worship such as the Cosmic Mass – an experiential spiritual celebration including ecstatic dance designed to appeal to a younger generation.

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