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First Friday of each Month from 7 to 9 pm

THE SACRED GATHERING comes together to honor transitions into each month and season. Its intention is to help people shift naturally into a new season with grace and ease. Our emphasis is on a return to natural healing with mindfulness practices. Come experience healing modalities to relieve stress and become more centered during trying times.

Like the lotus flower that blossoms in mud, we too can continue to grow and bloom — even when challenges arise. Beauty is always on the horizon and grace is available in every moment.

Come each month to experience different spiritual practices depending on the season. Our practices include guided meditations, shamanic healing ceremonies, tai chi, massage therapy, plant-based medicine, reiki energy healing, sound bath journeys and more….

A Zen in Bloom Event, hosted by A. Ben Cabal, and friends.

$20-$40 Suggested Donation

Unity of Walnut Creek – Community Room
1871 Geary Road, Walnut Creek, CA

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