EarthCare Alliance


“We, the Unity of Walnut Creek community, affirm that there is One Life, One Power, and One Presence. Humans are one with Nature. We affirm a deep respect and a sincere reverence for the interdependent web of all life. We envision a world where all beings are supported to live the lives for which they are created. We commit to being responsible stewards of our earthly home. Our prayer, mindfulness, and service compel the Divine Right Actions to promote awareness, protect, heal, balance, and sustain our natural environment. We are grateful and inspired by the infinite gifts of Nature and the potential and possibilities for the highest good manifesting now.”

Unity of Walnut Creek’s EarthCare Alliance is an award-winning, groundbreaking movement that leads the way as a model of what a small group can accomplish in caring for the Earth.

The Alliance is a growing dynamic partnership of people committed to responsible stewardship of the Earth. On the Unity campus that includes an energy audit, the Children’s Garden, the labyrinth, a waste management program, a water bottle filling station, the purchase of reusable dishes and tableware, and Solstice and Earth Day ceremonies.

In the larger community, the EarthCare Alliance has held an EarthCare Fair, participates in litter clean-ups, and promotes Sustainable Contra Costa’s Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge.

Unity holds the vision of an ever increasing EarthCare consciousness that expands into ecological social justice and the cultivation of mindful eating practices to restore the sacredness of human relationships with the Earth, animals, and all creation.

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