Prayer Chaplains

“Prayer…properly understood and applied, is the most potent instrument of action.” Mahatma Gandhi

As an extension of the Lead Minister, Prayer Chaplains play an important role at Unity of Walnut Creek. Prayer chaplaincy calls to those who wish to be of service through affirmative prayer with and for their spiritual family.

Most visibly, Prayer Chaplains pray with those seeking prayer support after Sunday services. You’ll know them by their lavender stoles.

Prayer Chaplains also:

  • Pray for every prayer request submitted.
  • Make phone calls and send emails in prayer with others.
  • Visit and offer prayers to those who are homebound, healing or hospitalized.
  • Host the annual Unity World Day of Prayer service in September.
  • Co-create special services and prayer vigils throughout the year.

Are you called to be a Prayer Chaplain?

  • Be a member of Unity of Walnut Creek for at least one year.
  • Complete the Prayer Chaplain Application below
  • Participate in a two-day training and follow up meetings.
  • Make a commitment in your heart to help others through prayer and presence.

For more information, email the

Prayer Chaplain Application