Can you imagine having someplace to go every week that leaves you feeling inspired, uplifted, and spiritually fed? 

Unity is a place where the teachings are relevant, practical, and drawn from more than one hundred years of New Thought demonstrations of how to co-create the kind of life you want to live and be the person you’ve truly come to Earth to be. The minister’s message content is drawn directly from Spirit as well as Unity’s co-founders, heart-centered stories, sacred scriptures including the Bible, Gnostic Gospels, and other world religions, poetry, mysticism, and nature. There’s always something fresh.

Everyone is welcome, anytime – in all forms and expressions. Whoever you are, Unity’s goal is the same: to inspire you, uplift you, connect with you, and love you.

When you attend Sunday services for the first time and every time thereafter, you’ll likely experience:

Connection: Numerous opportunities to connect more deeply with Spirit and your innate truth and a warm welcome and invitation to connect with others in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Inspiration: A thoughtful, inspiring message that speaks to you and what you need in your life at this time.

Joy: Music that fills your heart, bringing joy and openness. At Unity fun, joy and laughter is part of the spiritual tradition!

Love: Knowing that you are in a sacred place, with a community of people who accept who you are and where you are on your spiritual path, in the presence of the Divine.

Both our services include a message, meditation and music as the core components.

9:30 a.m. Contemplative Service – is a quieter experience with extended meditation including ten minutes of silence. While live music is a part of this service there is less of it than in the later service. We bless the children in advance, who arrive at 11:30am for their gathering.

11:30 a.m. Celebration Service – is also true to its name. It’s more lively and includes opening songs and occasional choir performances. The children meet in their own space and come onto the stage at the end of this service to share their experience and receive a blessing.

You are welcome to come early or stay after service and have a cup of coffee or tea on the patio or in the Bookstore and Café.
Let’s say hello and get to know each other!

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