As you enter the grounds you will find the Labyrinth and Peace Wall nestled under cypress trees and surrounded by rose gardens.


There are many ways to describe a labyrinth. It is a path of prayer, a walking meditation, a crucible of change, a watering hole for the spirit and a mirror of the soul. – Verditas

Unity’s seven-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth, designed and built as a labor of love by the Unity community, was dedicated in June of 2020. Visitors are welcome to walk the labyrinth at any time. Group ceremonies and prayer vigils are often held on the labyrinth as well.

A leading force behind the modern labyrinth movement, Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, defines the labyrinth this way:

The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that has many applications in various settings. It reduces stress, quiets the mind and opens the heart. It is a walking meditation, a path of prayer, and a blue-print where psyche meets Spirit.

How do you walk the labyrinth?

One pathway and three phases characterize a labyrinth walk. You may wish to hold an intention or question in your heart as you enter. Following the circuitous path to the center is the phase of release, letting go of outer concerns. At the center, take time to be still and receive. Walking the same path outward, allows time to integrate the experience and any insights.

What I especially love about labyrinths is the meditative process and insights are literally being incorporated into the body as you walk it. – Rev. Kristin Powell


Unity of Walnut Creek’s commitment to world peace is symbolized in the Peace Wall that graces the entrance to the grounds and surrounds the labyrinth. Erected in 1999, the Peace Wall tiles and its installation were done by Unity of Walnut Creek volunteers as a component of the World Wall for Peace.

Unity stands for peace in the presence of conflict; for love in the presence of hatred; for forgiveness in the presence of injury. Unity honors the many names for God, the many paths to God, the many ways to worship God; for there is only one power and presence of God and that God loves each one of us equally. It is therefore the position of Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village to urge all nations, their leaders and their people to turn to God by whatever the name for guidance during these challenging times and pursue peace, not war, for this is what honors the God of all our faith traditions. Unity stands for peace in our lifetime. – Adapted from Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Statement for Peace